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List of 45 Traditional Publishers in Illinois

Publishing in Illinois offers numerous benefits to authors, publishers, and the broader literary community. The state's rich history and diverse cultural landscape create an environment conducive to creativity, innovation, and literary success.

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Alpha Book Publisher is a renowned publishing company known for its diverse range of titles. They specialize in fiction, non-fiction, and educational books, catering to a wide readership.

Foreign Book Source Inc focuses on importing and distributing foreign-language books, catering to diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.


SLWL is a publishing and media company that creates a wide variety of content, from books and videos to online resources, with a commitment to quality and innovation.

CaryPress International Books assists authors in publishing and marketing their works across various genres and topics.

Quintessence Publishing specializes in dental and medical literature, providing valuable resources for professionals and students in these fields.

Networlding Publishing, Inc. is dedicated to publishing books and resources that help individuals and organizations build valuable connections and networks.

Online Cashback Shopper focuses on money-saving and financial resources, helping consumers make informed choices when shopping online.

Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers, Inc. specializes in classical studies and Latin textbooks, offering materials for educators and students.

Master Wings Publishing is a small press dedicated to producing works of fiction and non-fiction, often with a focus on personal development.

Lake Book Manufacturing Inc provides high-quality printing and bookbinding services, supporting publishers and self-published authors.

Nyala Publishing is committed to publishing works that promote cultural diversity and global awareness, with a focus on African and African diaspora literature.

Creative Genius Publications is dedicated to fostering creativity and personal growth through books and resources that encourage artistic expression and innovation.

Royal Publishing offers a range of educational materials, often focusing on innovative solutions for schools and educators.

Scholastic Corporation is a prominent publisher of children's books and educational materials, known for its impact on young readers and learners worldwide.

Publications International, Ltd. produces a wide variety of books and interactive content, with a focus on cookbooks, reference materials, and children's books.

AJS Publications, Inc. specializes in academic books and journals, particularly in the fields of religious studies and theology.

Matthew D. Sutherland Publishing is a small press focused on publishing works of fiction, often with an element of mystery or suspense.

Liturgy Training Publications is a Catholic publisher that produces resources for worship and liturgical education, serving parishes and communities.

Popular Book Company (USA) Ltd is dedicated to producing educational materials and workbooks, helping students develop their skills and knowledge.

Independent Publishers Group is a distributor that works with a wide range of publishers to bring their books to the market, offering distribution and marketing services.

Cambridge Business Publishers specializes in educational resources for business students, providing textbooks and materials for various business disciplines.

Baha'i Publishing focuses on literature related to the Baha'i Faith, offering books and materials that promote unity, peace, and spiritual growth.

Common Ground Research Networks is an academic publisher that supports conferences and journals across various disciplines, facilitating scholarly dialogue and collaboration.

Royal Publishing Co produces educational resources and materials that support students and educators in their learning and teaching journeys.

Educational Directories Inc offers directories and resources related to educational institutions, assisting students and parents in making informed decisions.

Research Press Publishers is a respected publisher of educational materials and resources, specializing in social and emotional learning, counseling, and mental health.

Kidsbooks Publishing is dedicated to creating engaging and educational children's books that inspire a love of reading and learning from an early age.

CMJ Marian Publishers focuses on Catholic and Marian literature, providing a range of books and resources for spiritual enrichment.

Agate Publishing Inc is a dynamic publishing house that produces a diverse range of books, including fiction, non-fiction, and cookbooks.

Lark Sparrow Press is a small, independent publisher that focuses on fiction and non-fiction works that aim to engage and entertain readers.

Brittany Publications offers a variety of books and resources, often with a focus on health and wellness, providing guidance for personal improvement.

Dramatic Publishing Co is a leading publisher of plays and theatrical materials, serving the needs of actors, directors, and drama enthusiasts.

Dream Image Press, LLC specializes in self-help and personal development books, offering guidance and inspiration for readers seeking positive change.

34. IPG

IPG (Independent Publishers Group) is a distribution company that partners with a wide range of independent publishers to bring their books to readers worldwide.

Schoolcraft Publishing is dedicated to creating educational materials for students and teachers, often focusing on reading and literacy resources.

Templegate Publishing Co is known for its religious and spiritual books, promoting diverse faiths and traditions through literature.

Midwest Publishing Co produces educational resources, particularly in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.

Kendall Hunt Publishing Co is a respected educational publisher, offering textbooks and instructional materials for students and educators.

American Catholic Press is dedicated to Catholic publications, producing liturgical and catechetical materials for the Church and its members.

Windy City Publishers is an independent publisher known for a wide range of fiction and non-fiction titles, often with a connection to Chicago and its culture.

Swan Isle Press focuses on works of fiction and non-fiction, often with an international and cross-cultural perspective, offering readers fresh insights and stories.

Human Kinetics specializes in books and resources related to sports, physical activity, and exercise science, serving athletes, coaches, and fitness professionals.

Browne & Miller Literary Associates is a literary agency that represents authors and their works, assisting with the publication process.

Beasley Books is an independent bookstore that offers a curated selection of rare and collectible books, catering to avid readers and collectors.

Fort Raphael Publishing Company is dedicated to producing books and resources that inspire personal growth, self-improvement, and mindfulness.

Here are some of the key advantages of publishing in Illinois:

  1. Literary Heritage: Illinois boasts a proud literary tradition that includes renowned authors like Ernest Hemingway, Saul Bellow, and Carl Sandburg. This literary heritage serves as an inspiration and source of pride for local authors and publishers. Writers and publishers can tap into this legacy, drawing upon the state's rich literary history to foster their own creative endeavors.

  2. Access to Literary Communities: Illinois is home to thriving literary communities in cities like Chicago, Urbana-Champaign, and Evanston. These communities offer valuable networking opportunities, support, and a sense of belonging for authors and publishers. They provide forums for sharing ideas, critiquing work, and collaborating with fellow professionals in the industry.

  3. Educational Institutions: Illinois is known for its prestigious universities and colleges, including the University of Chicago, Northwestern University, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. These institutions offer a wealth of resources for authors and publishers, such as writing programs, research libraries, and expert faculty members who can provide guidance and mentorship.

  4. Access to Publishing Services: Illinois is home to a robust publishing industry, with numerous publishing houses, printing companies, literary agencies, and book distributors. This concentration of publishing services means that authors and publishers can easily find the support they need for editing, design, printing, and distribution.

  5. Literary Festivals and Events: Illinois hosts a wide range of literary festivals, book fairs, and author events throughout the year. These events provide excellent opportunities for authors to showcase their work, engage with readers, and network with industry professionals. The Chicago Printers Row Lit Fest, for example, is one of the largest literary events in the Midwest and attracts a diverse range of authors and publishers.

  6. Cultural Diversity: Illinois is a diverse state, with a variety of ethnic communities and cultural influences. This diversity is reflected in the literature produced within the state. Authors can draw upon these diverse perspectives to create more inclusive and representative stories, appealing to a broader audience.

  7. Transportation and Connectivity: Illinois's strategic location in the Midwest provides excellent transportation and connectivity options. Chicago is a major transportation hub with access to major airports, highways, and railroads. This logistical advantage makes it easier for publishers to distribute books across the country and beyond.

  8. Independent Bookstores: Illinois boasts a thriving independent bookstore scene, with many stores dedicated to promoting local authors and their works. These bookstores are essential for authors seeking to build their readership and connect with the local community.

  9. Government Support: Illinois offers grants, subsidies, and other forms of financial support for authors and publishers through various state and local initiatives. These incentives encourage creativity and stimulate the publishing industry within the state.

  10. Arts and Culture: Illinois is a hub for arts and culture, with numerous museums, galleries, and theaters. Authors and publishers can draw inspiration from these cultural resources, and books that integrate art and culture can find a receptive audience in the state.

  11. Growing Technology Hub: Illinois is increasingly recognized as a growing technology hub, particularly in Chicago. This technology-driven environment can benefit authors and publishers by providing access to digital publishing tools, marketing platforms, and e-book distribution services.

  12. Film and Television Industry: Illinois's film and television industry offers opportunities for authors to adapt their books into screenplays or participate in collaborative projects. The state's on-screen exposure can boost the visibility of literary works.

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