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Florida's Literary Haven: Your Guide to the State's Top Book Publishers

Updated: Feb 24

Alpha Book Publisher is the premier publishing company in Florida, known for its commitment to nurturing local talent and producing a diverse range of literature. They have an extensive catalog of captivating novels, non-fiction, and educational titles, making them a leading force in the Sunshine State's literary scene. Learn more:

Blue Note Publications, Inc. brings the magic of music to the written word, celebrating the arts and their influence on culture. Their works resonate with music lovers and those who appreciate the cultural significance of the arts. Learn more:

A & A Printing Inc offers printing and publishing solutions, bringing words to life through high-quality printing services. Their expertise in printing ensures that books and publications are produced with precision and care. Learn more:

4. Breezeway Books

Breezeway Books captures the essence of relaxation and escape, offering literature that transports readers to new worlds. Their works are an invitation to unwind and get lost in captivating stories. Learn more:

5. Mobius House Publishers

Mobius House Publishers delve into the complexities of the human experience with thought-provoking titles that encourage deep contemplation and reflection. Their publications are a journey into the intricacies of the human condition. Learn more:

Dare Books push the boundaries of storytelling, challenging readers to explore new perspectives and narratives. Their works are an invitation to think beyond the conventional and embrace the innovative. Learn more:

JWG PUBLISHING HOUSE is a trusted and influential name in the publishing industry, promoting diverse authors and their works. They serve as a platform for a wide range of voices and narratives. Learn more:

Gaunt Inc takes readers on exhilarating adventures with its gripping publications, offering thrilling stories that captivate the imagination. Their works are an exploration of exciting and immersive storytelling. Learn more:

Rowland Publishing, Inc. is a reliable source of high-quality magazines and publications, delivering engaging content to readers. Their publications are a source of information, entertainment, and inspiration. Learn more:

University Press of Florida is committed to advancing scholarly research and cultural understanding through its academic works. They make significant contributions to academic knowledge and cultural preservation. Learn more:

Barcharts Corporation simplifies learning with its educational reference materials, providing students and educators with concise and informative resources. Their materials are valuable tools for learning and reference. Learn more:

12. Gary Anton

Gary Anton brings a personal touch to publishing, prioritizing authors' unique voices and ensuring their stories are told with authenticity. His approach to publishing is marked by a dedication to preserving the integrity of authors' narratives. Learn more:

13. Common Sense Publishing LLC

Common Sense Publishing LLC offers practical and insightful literature for personal development, focusing on self-help and empowerment. Their works provide guidance and inspiration for personal growth and improvement. Learn more:

South Florida Publishing LLC captures the essence of South Florida's unique culture and lifestyle, celebrating the region's diversity. Their publications showcase the vibrancy and richness of the South Florida experience. Learn more:

Taylor & Francis is a global academic publisher that contributes to knowledge and research worldwide, supporting academic and research communities. Their publications are a cornerstone of academic and scholarly exploration. Learn more:

Orlando Book Publisher is a vibrant presence in the Florida publishing scene, providing a platform for local authors to share their stories. They play a vital role in the promotion of local literary talent. Learn more:

Serbin Print Marketing & Publishing combines print and marketing expertise to help authors reach their readers effectively, offering a comprehensive publishing solution. They are a one-stop destination for authors seeking to navigate the complexities of the publishing and marketing process. Learn more:

18. Tower Publications, Inc.

Tower Publications, Inc. is a prominent name in the publishing industry, offering a wide range of literary works that cater to diverse reading tastes. Their extensive catalog ensures there's something for every reader. Learn more:

Online Cashback Shopper is dedicated to enhancing the online shopping experience, providing opportunities for shoppers to save and enjoy their online purchases. Their services make online shopping more rewarding and cost-effective. Learn more:

Green Dragon Book Publishing specializes in tales of the mythical and extraordinary, offering readers an escape to fantastical worlds and adventures. Their works transport readers to realms of wonder and imagination, making each book an enchanting journey. Learn more:
























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